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Travel Notes – Exploring Flavors

Travel Notes – Exploring Flavors

For a food lover, travelling can open up a whole new world of taste, aromas and mouth-watering sights. My first trip to Germany to meet cousins (who I am very close to and who will popularly feature in future posts as the German cousins), was a gastronomic revelation. The candy-land had just grown bigger, brighter and delectably diverse; and I could run around wild exploring something new for every meal! Food had never before been motivation enough to jump out of bed wondering – “what’s for breakfast?” The warm Broetchens in Germany which are so yummilicious with just some greens and a boiled egg, and the simple yet rich yet light Croissants in Paris… The colourful waffles with dollops of whipped cream, fresh strawberries or cherry coulis, delicious in every way… the crepes and pancakes, moist and fluffy and absolutely perfect with several different add-ons… How can a day not be perfect, when the breakfast is so heavenly!!

Another discovery I made during that first vacation in Europe was ‘Salads’. Back in India, a salad or a raita as more commonly known is usually some cucumber, onions and tomatoes in yogurt. That’s the standard salad served on the side like pickle. More a condiment than a course! I never knew that vegetables and especially green leaves can be so appealing and fulfilling. A salad was no more something vegetarian and boring!

That first trip to Europe in 2009 broadened my view about food, taste and culinary cultures. It led me to explore more in the kitchen. Gradually I gained more confidence trying to cook up continental cuisine. I learnt to be open to exploring flavors and attempting to recreate!

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