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Sommerfest at Dusseldorf Airport

Sommerfest at Dusseldorf Airport

I usually associate airports with a lot of stress… starting right from visa issues, to packing, luggage limits, delayed flights not to mention the dreaded take-offs and landings (yes I am that passenger who grips the seat handles and looks away from the window!) Travelling with a child is no piece of cake either!
So I was pleasantly surprised to find a Sommerfest being held at the Dusseldorf airport. It is held every year during summer holidays – a full entertainment package for kids and adults alike.

K1024_IMG_0250This is one of things I love about Germany – there are so many activities for children. Fests & play areas that demand active and intelligent engagement on part of the kids and also the parents – keeping them busily excited. Luckily this year our trip has coincided with this festival.

K1024_IMG_0249Several shows featuring different cartoon characters especially ‘Maus’ – Germany’s favorite cartoon similar to Mickey mouse.

K1024_IMG_0236A toy building area where kids were given lego blocks and designs to build objects of their choice. My daughter was completely engrossed, busily building a helicopter which was no easy task.


K1024_IMG_0284There were also informative activities – A guided tour of the Airport (that we unfortunately missed). Different airport vehicles lined up outside the airport for the kids to see and sit inside… the purpose for each was explained.

K1024_2013-07-31 14.44.48Sniffer dog demo –where the policeman was scattering the luggage around and the dog was sniffing out things from them…

K1024_2013-07-31 15.15.30We ended up spending an entire day at the airport and surprisingly no one was bored or tired. A Sunday well spent and all free of charge!


K1024_IMG_0237How I wish the sprawling Dubai Airport would start something similar…



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