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Mixed Pulses Curry / Dal

Mixed Pulses Curry / Dal

We Indians have a fascination for pulses and lentils. Various pulses are consumed in various forms all over India…from the humble sambar to the world famous dal makhani, legume preparations are part of daily diet and eaten with rice or rotis. Like any typical Indian household, my kitchen is always stocked with an assortment of all the imaginable dried pulses. So, on one of my grocery shopping expeditions, I was delighted to find a pack of mixed dried pulses. It looked so colorful; I had to have it as my brain started whizzing with possibilities.

My mixed bag of pulses contains – white and black chana / chickpeas, moong / whole green gram, rajma / kidney beans, dried chawali /blackeyed beans, white and green peas.

K800_IMG_5949Since these are dried pulses they need to be soaked overnight in water, then pressure cooked till soft.

K800_IMG_5954You will need some onion, tomato, green chili, ginger, garlic and coriander.

K800_IMG_5951I grind some onion, ginger, garlic, green chili, cumin seeds and coriander into a green paste.

K800_IMG_5952Fry remaining onions in a pan till golden and soft, add the green paste.

K800_IMG_5958Fry for some time and add the tomatoes.

K800_IMG_5960Fry for some more time till the oil starts to separate, then add coriander powder. Fry for some more time and then add the cooked pulses and little water.

K800_IMG_5962When it comes to a boil, add some Garam Masala powder.  Boil for some time and then add some lime juice. This mixed pulses dal or curry goes well with rotis.


Mixed Pulses Curry


2 cups Mixed pulses – white and black chana / chickpeas, moong / whole green gram, rajma / kidney beans, dried chawali /blackeyed beans, white and green peas – soaked overnight. Pressure cook with 1/2tsp of turmeric powder till one whistle goes off and then reduce the flame and cook for another 10 minutes. Pulses should be soft.

To grind

1 tbsp chopped Onion

1/4 inch Ginger – chopped

1 Garlic – chopped

6Green chili – chopped

1 tsp Cumin seeds

2 tblsp Coriander leaves

To cook

1 ½ medium Onion – sliced

1 medium Tomato – chopped

1 tsp Dhania / Coriander powder

1/2 tsp Haldi /Turmeric powder

1 tsp Garam masala powder

1 tsp Lime juice


  1. Grind the garlic, ginger, onion, cumin seeds, green chilies and coriander leaves to a paste. Keep aside.
  2. Heat some oil in a pan, and then add the sliced onions. Fry till it is almost golden brown.
  3. Then add the green paste. Fry for another 2 minutes. Now add the tomato and fry till the oil separates.
  4. Add the coriander powder. Fry for another 2 minutes. Now add the cooked pulses and water.
  5. When it comes to a boil add the Garam Masala powder. Boil for another 2 minutes. Pour the lime juice and take off the gas.
  6. Garnish with coriander leaves and some chopped onions.

Serve with rotis


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